This page gives an idea about the learning   objectives and skills in focus for each planned module during the club sessions.

AT first, The ICT curriculum aims at integrating ICT in the learning process of English as foreign language. However, the major focus is on ICT use for learning the different subjects and disciplines. So, contextual skill improvement is to be highlighted so that the learnt skills can be applied elsewhere in other subjects/trainings.

These skills are to be taught during regular weekly session with a timing between 1:30 to 2 hours. The lighter side is much considered as to avoid the pupils’ boredom and guarantee the success of the club.

Thus, the students will be assessed in having a set of ICT skills and practical experiences, which should be used throughout the curriculum, these include:

  • Using computer/ web to find information
  • Presenting effectively specific information.
  • Collaborative working.
  • Teamwork development.

The implementation and integration of technology is the main objective of the training and must then be used as a means of learning at school and improving school life. Therefore, the students are urged to develop independence in the use of technology, the choice of the right timing and the right piece of technology to use.

 curriculum1 curriculum2 curriculum3


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