About Us

This blog is dedicated to my dear pupils at Korba Prep School especially those taking part in the club. Our club name is:

Tech generation Pupils

This club is an attempt to transfer the skills and knowledge I acquired during my training organised by IREX.

The training given the name of TAT (Tech Age Teachers) was a great opportunity for us as teachers from different parts of Tunisia, different age ranges and also different disciplines to learn quite useful and new things about technology and the best ways to implement it within our courses. The training also focused on developing team work culture between educators. The warm atmosphere that characterized it helped us much forget about the so many obstacles we have faced and mainly time shortage regarding the fact that we are all practising one of the hardest jobs ever if not the hardest.

Tech Age Teachers Tunisia contributed in changing radically my personal view of teaching. Thus, I want to say thank You IREX. Thank you Faten Belguith for bringing Tech Age Teachers to Tunisia.

Here is IREX’s logo:

IREX LOGOYou can get further information about Tech Age Teachers program by clicking on IREX’s logo above.

Here is the Club’s logo:Club Logo

And finally this is The pupils’ Badge:




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